hello who’s this
(ja ja ja) it’s this jhonny marine

yes it is
aaahh how you doing
I’m doin good (I’m doing good)
who am i speaking to

ah don`t worry about that
who’s this
(ja ja ja) shut up

shut up
i don`t get this
your calling my phone but your telling me to shut up
I’m sorry

sorry about what
who’s this
I’m just play with you
you know me

I’m not here for play any game my friend
who’s this
we from to the same hood

That’s right
from the hood
where where
you’re aventura’s manager right

yes i am
oouu i like that
(ja ja ja) you like
how you like that
what you mean

i like
not them
you know I aint gay

I’m not gay
I mean i like the music
o ok

how may I help you
who’s this man
i have some questions
ok go ahead

yeah hold up
I’m thinking about them
so your calling me
and you questions
but you don`t rememeber them

why you so rude
I’m not
I’m not even being rude

no pero que te pasa gato
you calling me a cat
no not cat you know
you’re not from the hood

I’m from the hood yeah okay but
how may i help you
yeah but i’m jus telling you cat
you know like cat
your asking me

ooo ok ok ok
tranquilo pezcadito
(pez) thats what i mean
first you call me a cat now a fish

no no but a cat it’s just from the hood
pezcadito cuz you look like a fish

alright listen listen
your calling me for what
be clear

but why you so rude
who gave you my number
aahh you wanna know right
i don`t undersatnd
you got nothing better to do
you wanna who gave me your number
who gave you my number

i don’t belive
i haven’t heard that in years umm
if you gonna continue playing games
okay i got some questions
go ahead

why are this guys gonna retire
who’s retiring
nobody it’s retiring
where you got that from
don`t trick me

no nobody it`s even
all right listen
their not retiring
I’m not trying to trick you

what this with the Last
you mean the name of the album
yes pendejo
(ja ja ja) your lucky I’m a nice guy
pendejo all right

tell me
tell you what
why they retiring the last
nobody is retiring

why the album is called the last
it`s call the last for several reason
but nobody is retiring
that`s all you need to know

give me the reason
why i have to give you the reasons
first of all yo who gave you my number
but i wanna know
listen i don’t have time for this

aaahh why you
oh my god again
por que me enganchaste
i didn’t hang up on you
yes you did
no i didn’t

what do you want
oo o it was the service right
sss what do you want
i got that problem
what service you got
a umm listen forget about what service i got
what do you want

what now you’re calling me a duck
no i said it again gato
gato gato okay
cat cat all right in spanish
all right but listen
listen honesty speaking with you
i don’t have time for games

ok so let me ask you a question
you’ve been asking me a quiestion for how long now
why they didn’t  put my favorite song in the album
favorite song (ja ja)
you don’t even know what songs are on the album

check it out
(ja ja) that not our song player
oo ooo i mean
that my shit
it was a tribute
but is not our song
why is not at the album

is not our song player
you are a hater
your calling my phone and your calling me a hater
yeah but your not giving me information
then you lying
I said i don’t need give who

first of all who gave you my number
(you’re keeping things from me son)
you know me I’m from the hood

yeah yeah okay
we from the hood
what hood you from
don’t worry
I have to worry your calling my phone

well well I just want to get some answeres

your ,,”__” I mean
honestly I’m thinking now
and im like the I don’t know
tei  tei tei ri taa
why you studering (ja ja ja)
cur you’re lying (bye)

Skit – Aventura
Valora esta letra